Summer 2016



swerve at be,
a swarming tentacle
rupturing its vicinity.

Imagine a robotic movement modeled by the organic, muscular movement of an octopus.



PC-ABS plastic, Ninjaflex TPE plastic

l33" . w33" . h30"



Autodesk, Office of CTO, CEO

August 2016 (10 week)


ROLE, Autodesk Instagram

Industrial Design Sculptor 


Fusion 360: t-spline freeform, Arduino, electronics, 3D printing (Fortus, Makerbot, Objet)



01 To create a walkable robotic octopus.
02 To find Fusion 360's deficiencies


01 By the nature of having only 10 weeks to produce a working robot, we successfully finished the project with an octopus that could almost walk. Slight misconfigurations of physical force calculations caused some legs to fail during the walking procedure. 

02 Reporting over 2.5 hours of presentation to the CEO and Fusion 360 team, we were incredibly successfully at what Autodesk hired us for.


A walkable octopus, hereby enhancing the realm of robotics, and expanding the vision of design and its role in the category. The concept was inspired by the division: Office of the CTO (OCTO), whose logo identifies with the menacing octopus. As a tribute to that, the Office of the CTO Interns dedicated this project to its brand.

The value in the product is not just evaluating the role that Fusion 360 has on high-level engineering and calculated design, it additionally supplies the industry with a wealth of knowledge as to how materials and form can help increase the avenues of robotic use in truly necessary ways. This includes, the mention by "search and destroy missions."

The concept had always used octopuses for their uniqueness under water, but never taken advantage of having 8 legs on ground.

Tentacle: rigid portion printed with ASA plastic

How it Works

An electromagnetic component is housing its base in the top portion of the lamp, which has a corresponding magnet, housed discretely in the lampshade's body, securing it upwards at a perfect center-of-mass, and causing a stabilizing moment, keeping the lampshade at a relaxed spin.

Tentacle: flex portion printed with PLA plastic


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End of Summer Presentation to CEO: