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Black Glass / 2018


SAE Baja is an international competition where a team of students collaborate in creating an off-road vehicle from scratch.


Black Glass is an example of seamless design for an extreme environment - carbon fiber for a off-road heavy duty Baja vehicle.

September 2017 - may 2018

logo design by Ali Ahmed




How do we create an off road competition vehicle lighter, while retaining safety of the driver?

Carbon Fiber

finished seat.jpeg

Black Glass

a lightweight carbon fiber + fiberglass racing seat
unibody seat, encapsulating all mounting into carbon fiber




Carbon fiber, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, epoxy

h25 in . w24 in . l23 in



George Washington University SAE Baja

April 2018




Core77,, Society of Automotive Engineers, Local Motors, Finish Line

Industrial + Seat Design Lead
(Led 3 students)


Fusion 360speed form NURBS, Class B surfacing, CAM
CNC 5 axisThermwood router, high density foam
Carbon Fiber: manual manufacturing with professional boat workers



  1. Surface + solid model chair - Autodesk Fusion 360,
  2. Optimize weight and shape w Generative Design - Autodesk Within
  3. CAM seat negative
  4. CNC seat negative on styrofoam block (5-axis machine, sponsored by Local Motors)
  5. Lay carbon fiber on mold
  6. Encapsulate chair mounts
  7. Mount chair to chassis

Design / CAD + Iterations

The process works such that I first design a CNC milled mold, from which we lay fiberglass onto. Atop the fiberglass reinforcement, lightweight carbon fiber will be laid to craft the final seat.


A distinct care for achieving ergonomic continuity

manufacturing / 5-axis cnc

The mill was a Thermwood CNC machine, supplied by sponsor,  Local Motors

The mill was a Thermwood CNC machine, supplied by sponsor, Local Motors


manufacturing / carbon fiber

19 seat drying.jpg

manufacturing time-lapse


    manufacturing / mount encapsulation

Artboard 6.png