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BRAGI / 2016


My Role
Industrial Design Intern




two headphone and augmented reality related patents, pending.

Fall 2016, product design intern


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This is my feature in introducing Bragi's latest product, The Headphone.


Project1 / undisclosed name

Concept / a cheaper wireless headphone; project not in production.

My Role / industrial and mechanical design CAD, DFM, CFM; patents pending for mechanical design.

Patents / Pending: nuanced internal electronics design.

Project2 / undisclosed name

Concept / project using the brain power of the current project, Dash. It uses AI and AR as a conceptual design.

My Role / industrial and mechanical design CAD, DFM, CFM; co-led concept design.

Project3 / Additional

Worked on internal mechanical design for Starkey Dash - a partnership with Bragi and Starkey, the world's leading hearing-aid manufacturer.

My design contributions assisted the team's winning of multiple iF Awards

Conceptualized potential AI integration using IBM Watson's engineering team, to enhance user experience and make Bragi's Dash an intelligent computer.

Package designs and renderings (Keyshot) for Dash's new packaging (award-winning package for its former design), and for future products.

Rendered various products on Keyshot and assisted with Photoshop on these renders for marketing and creative teams.