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imagine the stress-ball reimagined. ergoment is an ergonomics experiment, fully 3D printed, with a form remapped to be made better in feel and function.

_ergoment / Summer 2016

Hold unto me,
When all things feel too free;
and your pored relief may I be,
To breath through, passed, and forever seep
To be just that -
just whatever you’d need.
- ali ahmed

Imagine an even more ergonomic stress ball, with flexibility in all axes, rather than spherically. Something difficult to break, defeat, and touch to compress, like a stress ball, but with the freedom and excitement of beautiful form, curated materials, and perfect fit to the hand. Imagine ergoment.

Concept Rubbery grip handler that entails five differing grip spacing and size as well as width. The smaller the grips, the more the user must use pressure-sensitive parts of the finger to better understand the grip’s nature. The larger (interior) grip allows for a natural feel from any part of the palm, and hereby holding the entire product. Because of Ergoment’s interestingly ergonomic, sculpted form, with proper materials, the product acts as both a piece of beautiful design and a stress-ball like function in its comfortable, yet bendable make.







Objet Connex 500 Printer
Tango Blackflexible plastic

Autodesk Fusion 360
3D printing

Personal Project

The measurements for ergoment were taken after measuring 10 door handles and knobs and interpreting what was most ergonomic.