November 2016. revisited April 2017
Autodesk Audio Challenge, winner


Imagine an entire mobile phone's electrical PCB placed inside a set of headphones, designed for how they should be - with new, touch integrated interactivity.

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Imagine if a phone was in your headphone.

left cushion.png

Final Renderings



Radially knurled aluminum, leather, plastic

dia12 cm . h29cm



Autodesk Design for Industry

April 2017



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Personal Project


Fusion 360: Class B surfacing, rendering, t-splines: organic leather bodies, injection molding: prototyping


Competition Research

  • Bose QC35

  • Bang & Olufsen H6

  • Parrot Zik 3,

Analysis of three headphones analyzing three main headphones:


Exploration: Touch Interaction

Portfolio_ Ali Ahmed48.jpg

Exploration: Mountain Membrane


Imagine an incredibly smooth, thin mesh made of flexible fibers that protrude ridges such that the user feels a slight bump at the slide across the touch interface. And when placed on a desk, the membrane may act as a musical pulsator activated to the bass rhythms of a song. This could unlock interconnected smart devices such that braille could be pulsated at the whim of tracing letters around your environment for deaf+blind users. 

This means that the that the outer touch interface must be tapered plastic such that it has the propensity and elasticity to actually move downwards at the touch of a finger to smoothly feel this user experience enhancement.


The Membrane has oval pores at its rim and inside for electronic components sticking from underneath. They then can interact with the cup’s touch interface. The piece was intricately designed such that each ridge is beautifully offset from the touch interface.

Component Stackup