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Madonna / 2017

Award winning wind turbine design, designed and fabricated for undergraduate Mechanical Design course at George Washington University School of Engineering with a team of 5.


Mechanical design, Industrial design, artwork, energy, turbine, math

MAY 2017

How do we mechanically design the highest power producing wind turbine

Form follows Motion



3D printed ABS, scrap wood, (acrylic paint on wood)

w1.5' x l8", h2'



Course: Mechanical Design

May 2017



1st: design + presentation / 2nd: performance

Industrial Design: Wing + Aerodynamics (team of 5)


3D printing, woodwork, Alias Speedform, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, Autodesk CFD, NACA Profiles, MATLAB


Below is the distribution of how much effort was placed into which part of the design specific design process relative to the other main components.

Design Focus

parts list


manufacturing process

02 Hub Fabrication

01 Blade Fabrication

03 Assembly


design process


Design of Blades

01 CSV NACA Airfoils
02 Import to Fusion 360
03 Loft profiles
04 Refine with G2-G3 Radii


Design of Hub

01 G2 continuity for t-spline hub / this was enough for our wind tunnel.

Process video of creating the airfoil blade on Fusion 360.

T-spline design of hub

Full CAD

Full CAD