ali ahmed | studio

Melon, 2017


The smart home of the metropolitan home resolves highly in minimal space efficiency, much like Ori and Kasita, are formulations of a requiring system that allows a home to be customized to its ended needs.

This course, entitled Interaction Design, was outlined to help conceptualize any projects the students wanted, fusing graduate and undergraduate designers from varying disciplines. Myself, an industrial designer, with a graduate Exhibition Designer, conceptualized the smart home hub where furniture and home customization would root from, designed it and programmed it.


CAD to 3D print to dissolving, sanding, acetone finishing

Adobe XD to Processing to Raspberry Pi and Arduino to Touchscreen, rotary knob, and sonar distance sensor


Autodesk Fusion 360   / surface modelling + rendering furniture frames
Stratasys Fortus + Acetone Bath   / FDM 3D Printing
Processing   / graphics + app programming
Raspberry Pi + Arduino   / computing
Adobe XD   / interface development
InDesign + Photoshop   / presentation