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Dear Lover, I Won’t Let You Leave After Your Departure

With Patience,

I have never familiarized.

To You, I cannot empathize.

For you, I may

lose my mind –


Revealed by plague and mind infirm,

A sick emptiness overcasts my love raped, prudent soul.

It is from your fare departure, leaving me so.

Though you say you will miss me,

To me, it is more.


I cannot hold

my heart for you,

I cannot wait for you.


I will,

Recreate your figure. Soil you with Godly hand, and,

Chisel you with soil-drawn finger, and metal-made tool. Erect a


to hear



“Henry Moore”

Lie to all and say this creativity is manmade.

To them, persuade with wit and zeal.

Pretend you make belief,

and your facade real.

Forget you

and they will only remember yours.


But in the end only soil you

To realize the beauty was bestowed by an even better.


Ali Ahmed