6:05 pm - June 7, 2014 - Doha, Qatar

Don’t be so vain and stare at the mirror.

Look away from the clear glass and I swear life will seem clearer.

Its sweetest paths are those who seem dull,

Because in those sweetnesses we realize the mere truth they uphold.

The dresser and mirror and labeled vanity.

They have only such a reflective delivery.

They uphold values for the vain, and smuggle through you false truths.

Vanity reflects in the opposing direction, with a world outside its secretive frame.

The vanity is hubris.

         Excessive and blinding,

You see only with one framework,

in eyes and thought, with no creativity in its bound.

Till death part us so, our vanity shall never turn around.

Its opposite, false faceted reflections will always reflect our most self-deprecating truths.