Fragile Stone


I’ll handle you with care,

As you are my fragile stone.

But be soft with me,

As I’m just flesh and bone.


Convince me to love you,

And into my heart, will yours be sewn.

But be shy in unstitching thus,

As it has too often been ripped and torn.


I’ve wanted this moment,

And now that it has shown,

I feel I’ve misjudged its meant,

And so never again will you wear my gown.


Yet, atop me you sit,

As on your conquered throne;

And atop me, please stay,

It keeps me from feeling alone.


But it has the togetherness that saddens,

As I sense it will fade.

But promise me that if all else darkens,

Keep here until morning brays.


However, when you leave,

Tell me why you came.

I’ll forget to inquire,

My words, within themselves, will cave.


And if your reason was love,

Then thanks for these days,

But if this was a goodbye,

Please stay away.