July 6, 2016 – 5:45 pm – San Francisco, CA


Mercy on me,

My Lord for these deeds,

Mercy take now, as today I will bleed –

And to myself I shall cause,

The blue that will spill,

            Because no room for fire,

            I will leave no substance for me to breathe.



Shall You be thee?

Because twice I have thought so,

That my deeds shan’t be seen,

By none other than You – if only You could breathe.

For none of You, I have believed,

But my mother promised me I would see, as some brethren

Of no sake to hearten.


And as I prayed the arrival of a blushing steam,

As I begged for you to undo the sins in my seams,

You promised me a feeble babe –

But something of his stature stood me so weak,

So frail as stood he,

Some brethren I thought he,

            (Mistaken, quietly)

But none shall presume lies

Whether I tell his love I have touched,

Or my heart has he,

            Let me be gay,

            Let me laugh to mine own alacrity –

            And to that I may, again, as my entire life, bleed;

But now I shall be reddened dearest Lord;


Shukran, ya Karim.