June 14, 2016 – 4:40 am – San Francisco, CA


Have you not seen,

In your sleepless dreams –

That the race for greatness has started?

Where have you been?


While you were fasting

            I was eating

And while you were awake,

            I again, then, was dreaming.

            They have lied to

You, in your ways,

            You, that all you do is


Hence be broken, once,

            For your own sake,


            And you will then be fixed

To only then never be affixed

            On deathly sleep

Whilst the wakened world weeps.


Syria has fallen,

            While Jerusalem rise;

Why may one sun brighten –

            Causing the desertmen’s demise,

While the moon has taken over another??

Hath thee no fortress,

            To bathe in or waken,

            While all folks to live, and strive for ransom?

Hath thee no friend?

Then awaken my sleeper,

            And more time for that shall be spent.

But patience is a hill –

            Whose end may never begin.


And life beckons without the pretend.