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Way / 2017

My Role

Exhibit Design Intern / this position called for my design and fabrication to help showcase Pier 9's extensive exhibits that cater to 1500 visitors/year


Way is an interactive system to better understand the artists and designers who work with and for Autodesk, creating a new identity for the company.


This project is currently being brought to reality by the staff at Pier 9, Autodesk.


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator
Fusion 360
Keyshot 6


This project was completely started by me as a way finding digital and physical platform for the maker-space, Pier 9, such that exhibits throughout the Pier can be more interactive, such that former exhibits can be displayed in virtual spaces, and such that the 1500 monthly tourists through the facility can interact deeper with the office itself, by viewing the different departments, and recognizing their projects.

This was a predominantly graphic and interaction design led effort, completely conceptualized by myself. From logo, to animation, to graphic art, to mood-boards, I led this effort which is now being initiated at Autodesk, a 10,000 employee company.

This presentation was ahead of Autodesk VP's and executives, and afterwards, VP Brian Matthews spoke about making this concept a reality for the company.







First time using After Effects and Processing
Refined graphic design understanding

Autodesk's desire to continue the concept project, should budget allow, enforces that the project's outcome was a success.


Had to complete a platform with over 11 features, and each with many design elements over the course of 7 weeks, while maintaining physical exhibits. In addition to my first time using Processing and After Effects, this caused great difficulty in applying sound design to a coherent application.